All Roads Counseling
Project: Branding and Identity Design
All Roads Counseling engaged our services to develop a comprehensive branding and identity system that reflects their commitment to providing compassionate, client-centered mental health services. The goal was to create a visual identity that conveys trust, professionalism, and the supportive nature of their services.
Logo Design: We designed a versatile logo that combines a stylized road leading into a horizon with a symbol representing growth and guidance. This imagery resonates with the journey their clients undertake towards mental wellness. The logo is adaptable, featuring multiple variants to ensure brand consistency across various applications.
Color Palette: A soothing palette of deep blues and subtle greys was chosen to evoke feelings of stability, trust, and calm—essential for a mental health counseling service. This color scheme is used throughout their branding materials to maintain a cohesive look.
Typography: We selected a clean, modern typeface that ensures readability across digital and print media, reinforcing the accessibility of the counseling services.
Brand Book: A comprehensive brand book was created to guide the consistent application of visual elements across all marketing materials, including digital platforms and printed collateral. The brand book includes sections on logo usage, color palette, typography, and imagery, ensuring that all stakeholders understand how to communicate the brand effectively.
Outcome: The new branding has been instrumental in helping All Roads Counseling establish a strong presence in their community. The visual identity not only aligns with their values of compassion and professionalism but also enhances their visibility and appeal to a wider audience seeking mental health services.
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